At Cooranbong and Bonnells Bay Animal Hospitals we have a large range of state of the art equipment which enables us to diagnose a variety of medical conditions.



Our pathology equipment enables us to run in-house blood tests, analyse urine and faecal samples, cytology and more. This means a quicker diagnosis for your pet! Our IDEXX machines allow us to run your pets’ blood or urine and have results in minutes! Our trained staff can check your pets’ biochemistry, haematology and electrolytes. We can also monitor/diagnose hypo/hyperthyroidism, cushings disease, pancreatitis, muscle breakdown, phenobarbitone levels, parvovirus and heartworm, these are just to name a few. IDEXX offer same day pick up for laboratory samples that cannot be tested in house and our Veterinarians’ always have access to a pathologist for assistance with results.



We use the latest digital x-ray equipment which enables us to diagnose a wide variety of surgical and medical conditions.


Our portable ultrasound machine can be extremely effective when diagnosing various medical conditions. It can help confirm pregnancies, gives detail of the abdomen and internal organs and more!

Laser Machine

Laser therapy is a pain-free and non-invasive treatment which encourages increased circulation, reduces inflammation, pain reduction and enhances tissue healing. Laser therapy can benefit your pets’ rehabilitation after a surgical procedure or injury.


Dental health is necessary to provide optimum health and quality of life for your pet. Our Hospitals’ are equipped with the latest iM3 dental machines and instruments. Our Veterinarians also specialise in dental care in some of our exotic species such as rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. Our team are trained to educate and provide information to help maintain your pets’ dental health and keep their teeth clean. We offer FREE dental checks with our Veterinary Nurses where you can discuss any of your dental related concerns.




Here at Cooranbong and Bonnells Bay Animals Hospitals we understand that the thought of your pet having surgery can be very anxiety provoking. These feelings are completely normal, and we feel exactly the same about our pets’ when they require surgery. Our main mission is to ensure a safe and smooth surgical procedure and recovery for your pet. Our patients’ are thoroughly examined prior to surgery and a standard blood test is performed to check your pets’ protein levels. We do recommend a more extensive blood test and intravenous fluids to help assist in preventing unforeseen circumstances. Our operating theatres are equipped with the latest equipment which assists our Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses in monitoring your pets’ anaesthetic. If your pet is in hospital for surgery feel free to call anytime and we can give you an update on their condition!

Soft Palate Resection

Do you have a breed of dog that has trouble breathing? A pug or bulldog are great examples of these brachycephalic breeds. It is important to know that their breathing difficulties are not normal and can be improved surgically. Our Veterinarians may recommend this for your pet during their routine health check.


Orthopaedic Procedures

We have experienced surgeons that are skilled in a wide variety of orthopaedic procedures ranging from repairing ruptured cruciate ligaments and luxating patellas, fracture repairs and amputations. Our Veterinarians have completed additional advanced courses to keep them up to date on the latest surgical technology and procedures including cruciate ligament rupture repairs via Tibial Tuberosity Advancement surgery (TTA).